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Sean Terry September 13, 2013 12 FAQs / Academy Modules

Academy Modules Table of Contents

Module 1

  • Intro
  • [NEW] Wholesaling Explain in Detail
  • [NEW] The Big Picture
  • Building the Ultimate Lifestyle
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Fail or Succeed
  • Planning Your Escape
  • How to Gain a Competitive Edge

Module 2

  • Intro
  • [NEW] Sourcing Properties: Finding the Deep Discount Properties
  • [NEW] Direct Mail Explained
  • [NEW] List Selection Process
  • [NEW] GoBig Printing: The Recommended Mail House
  • [NEW] Phone Management
  • Wholesaling Explained + Case Studies
  • Subject To Investing Explained + Case Study
  • The Big Test

Module 3

  • Intro
  • [NEW] Google Adwords Explained
  • [NEW] Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account
  • [NEW] Building Your Website with Weebly
  • [NEW] Introduction to FreedomLogic
  • [NEW] Adwords Editor: Uploading Your Campaign
  • Tools & Resources
  • How to Buy a Domain & Hosting Correctly
  • How to Set Up Your Hosting Account
  • How to Set Up Your Email List & Autoresponder
  • Building Your Buyers Squeeze Page
  • How to Upload Your Website to Your Domain GOING LIVE!
  • How to Market Your New Website on Craigslist
  • How to Modify Your Craigslist Using Kompozer

Module 4

  • Intro
  • [NEW] Bandit Sign Billions
  • How to Get Tons of FREE Traffic from Article Directories
  • How to Build a Huge Buyers List Using FREE Classified Ad Sites
  • How to Get FREE Traffic From YouTube
  • How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page
  • How to Use Twitter to Build a Large Buyers List for FREE
  • How to Set Up a Google Adwords Campaign
  • How to Set Up a Yahoo, Bing & Facebook Pay Per Click Campaign
  • How to Use Offline Advertising & Networking to Build Your Buyers List

Module 5

  • Intro
  • [NEW] Attitude, The Script and What Important Info to Gather
  • [NEW] Building Rapport
  • [NEW] Set the Appointment or Make an Offer
  • [NEW] Custom Covert Presentation
  • How to Find Out Exactly What a Cash Buyer Wants
  • How to Manage Your Buyer Leads Using This Software
  • How to Use the MLS to Find High Cash Transaction Areas
  • How to Find and Build Your Real Estate Investing Dream Team
  • Pull All the Modules Together Plus an Assignment

Module 6

  • [NEW] Comparable Sales Formula
  • [NEW] The Wholesale Offer "Double Check"
  • [NEW] The Repair Formula
  • [NEW] Offer Price
  • Marketing For Sellers Master Plan
  • Getting a Fast Start on Your Marketing... Laser Focus
  • Formulas For Success: How to Determine ARV
  • How to Determine ARV Without a Realtor
  • The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Motivated Sellers Calling You ASAP!
  • Bandit Sign Secrets... Where to Get Them
  • Where to Place Your Bandit Signs For the Best Results
  • An Inspirational Story About One Man's Life Without Limits

Module 7

  • Intro: Marketing For Sellers ONLINE
  • [NEW] How to Write the Contract
  • [NEW] What to Bring on the Appointment
  • Building Your Sellers Squeeze Page
  • How to Create Your Sellers Web Form
  • How to Modify Your Free Giveaway & Add Your Form to Your Site
  • 1 Year Seller Automation: Money Marketing Machine
  • Drive Traffic to Your New Squeeze Page For FREE

Module 8

  • Intro: Marketing For Sellers ONLINE (Cont'd)
  • [NEW] What to Do Before You Meet with the Seller
  • [NEW] Bridging Rapport
  • [NEW] What to Look for When Viewing the Property
  • Setting Up Your Google Adwords to Get Sellers On Auto-Pilot
  • How to Modify Your Website to Get the Highest Quality Score on Google
  • How to Install Conversion Tracking On Your Thank You Page
  • How to Create a Video to Find Sellers On Auto-Pilot Using Traffic From Google & YouTube
  • Marketing For Sellers Online Recap

Module 9

  • Intro: Seller Financing Secrets to Massive Cash
  • [NEW] How to Get the Seller to Sign the Contract (Negotiating)
  • [NEW] How to Explain the Process & Property Showings
  • [NEW] Getting Pictures
  • The Agreement For Sale: Case Study
  • Understanding "Subject To" Investing & How to Profit From It
  • Lease Option Secrets With Wendy Patton
  • Lease Options Exclusive Training w/ Joe McCall & Wendy Patton Videos 1-7

Module 10

  • Intro: Making Money w/ Seller Financing
  • [NEW] What to Look for in a Closing Agent
  • [NEW] Double Escrow vs Assignment
  • Marketing For the Buyer
  • How to Find the Property For the Buyer Using the MLS
  • Marketing For the Sellers
  • Negotiating Tactics For Wholesale Deals & Seller Financing
  • How to Write the Contract to Close the Deal

Module 11

  • Intro: Secrets to Talking to Motivated Sellers
  • [NEW] Posting on Craigs List and Backpage
  • [NEW] Placing Bandit Signs Around the Property
  • [NEW] Property Launch Formula
  • [NEW] What to Say to the Buyer
  • [NEW] Showing the Property (Vacant or Occupied)
  • [NEW] Getting the Contract from the Buyer
  • Filling Out the Seller Lead Sheet Correctly
  • How to Answer Objections & Test Motivation
  • How to Make a Soft Pass and Not Kill the Deal
  • How to Set the Appointment With the Seller
  • Live Seller Calls
  • How to Sort the Leads, Determine Motivation & Structure the Deal

Module 12

  • Intro: How to Analyze the Deal & Meet the Seller
  • [NEW] Managing the Closing Process
  • [NEW] Understanding Closing Documents
  • [NEW] Submitting Your Video for the Flip2Freedom Challenge
  • How to Analyze the Deal to Determine the Offer
  • What to Bring on the Appointment with the Motivated Seller
  • Going to the Property and Meeting and Negotiating With the Seller
  • Secrets to Negotiating With Motivated Sellers

Module 13

  • Intro: How to Open Escrow, Prep the Property and Sell the Property Quickly!
  • [NEW] Setting Up an LLC
  • [NEW] How to Scale Your Business Using This Spreadsheet
  • [NEW] The Big Picture: Building a Six Figure a Month Business
  • How to Open Escrow and What to Tell the Agent
  • Key Steps to Successfully Market Your Property For a Fast Sale
  • How to Prep Your Property For a Fast Sale Plus Tools
  • How to Create Your Postlets Marketing Flyer Step By Step
  • How to Create a Winning Email Blast to Your Buyers List
  • How to Market Your Postlets on Craigslist Using This Special Code
  • How to Post Your Property on Facebook Using This Special Link
  • How to Get Your Property Sold in LIGHTNING Speed Using This Tool

Module 14

  • Intro: How to Negotiate With Buyers, Get the Contract and Go to Closing
  • [NEW] The Anatomy of a Six Figure Business (mind map)
  • [NEW] Organization Chart of the System
  • [NEW] Gap Analysis: Closing the Gap Between Your Current Situation & Future State
  • [NEW] Understanding and Using KPI Spreadsheets
  • [NEW] Setting Up Podio to Manage Your Business
  • [NEW] Podio Training in Detail: How to Set Up and Use Podio
  • [NEW] What are KPIs and How Do You Use Them to Grow Your Business?
  • How to Negotiate With Buyers
  • How to Fill Out the Sell Side Contract
  • How to Get the Sell Side Contract From Your Wholesale or Retail Buyers
  • How to Open Escrow With the Sell Side Contract and Manage the Closing Process
  • Going to Closing and Managing the Signing Process and Analyzing the Paperwork
  • How to Read the HUD (Settlement Statement)
  • Congratulations! You Just Received Your First Check!

Module 15

  • Intro: How to Replace Your Income and Quit Your JOB
  • [NEW] Building a HUGE Highly Responsive Buyers List
  • [NEW] The Bulk Mailing Service
  • [NEW] Buyers Website Weebly or FreedomLogic
  • [NEW] Adwords for Buyers
  • [NEW] MSN Adcenter: PPC for Yahoo & Bing
  • How to Replace Your Income: Escaping the 9-to5
  • How to Scale Your Business to Replace Your Income: The Game Plan
  • The Flow of Your Business: How Your Leads Are Handled and Scaled
  • The Four Phases of Business and How to Maximize Each Phase

Module 16

  • Intro: How to Find, Hire and Train Virtual Assistants
  • [NEW] The MLS Hack: Confidential
  • [NEW] Posting on Craigs List for Buyers
  • [NEW] Increasing the Universe of Potential Sellers to Mail
  • [NEW] Adding & Scaling Marketing Channels
  • [NEW] YouTube for the Highest Performing Keywords for Both Buyers and Sellers
  • [NEW] XMind - Mind Map Tool
  • How to Find and Hire a VA Using oDesk
  • How to Use Dropbox to Share Files and Folders With Your VA
  • How to Use Skype With Your VA
  • How to Use Screen-O-Matic to Shoot Free Video For Your VA to Follow
  • How I Use FreedomSoft With My VA

Module 17

  • [NEW] An Advanced Hyperactive Strategy for Maximizing Each Lead for Increasing Profits
  • [NEW] Understanding "Agreement for Sale" & "Contract for Deed"
  • [NEW] Identifying the Right Lead
  • [NEW] Structuring the Deal: Talking to the Seller
  • [NEW] Writing the Contract
  • [NEW] Flipping the Contract for a Fast Profit
  • [NEW] Follow Up Fortunes: The Secret to Effective Follow Up
  • Intro: How to Build a Team of Bird Dogs to Bring You Unlimited Leads
  • How to Build a Team of Bird Dogs to Bring You Unlimited Deals on Auto-Pilot

Module 18

  • [NEW] Where to Find the Right People
  • [NEW] Using Virtual Assistants
  • [NEW] Using the Kolbe Test
  • [NEW] Creating the Expectation and the Employment Contract
  • Intro: How to Build a Million Dollar Property Portfolio to Replace Your Income
  • What Criteria Makes a Great Deal
  • How to Structure the Deal

 Module 19

  • [NEW] Building a Team and How to Train Your Staff for Success
  • [NEW] Your Three Man Freedom System
  • [NEW] Managing Your Time

Module 20

  • [NEW] The Cash Stick Building Wealth Game Plan
  • [NEW] Cash Flow Property 10 Year Performa
  • [NEW] Getting Rich Investing in Income Growth Funds


Sean Terry May 3, 2013 FAQs / Memberships


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Sean Terry May 3, 2013 FAQs / Memberships

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Sean Terry May 3, 2013 FAQs / Memberships

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